A man furiously poising

Why dance?

Sharpen your mind and body every time you get on the dance floor.

A man dancing

It's a Party...

Square dancing is party time every time. It brings people together for fun and fellowship - even when learning how. The fun starts right on the very first night. You meet new people and make new friends. And the fun keeps right on going as you do.

It's a wonderful way to share common interests with other people and to escape the worry and pressures of today's world.

It's a Challenge...

Modern square dancing is a mental and physical challenge. It is dancing; it is thinking; it is teamwork. You can't do it alone. Your team of eight dancers depends on you to keep moving. Keeping time with the rhythm of the music keeps you physically fit. Reacting quickly to the square dance calls keeps you mentally on your toes.

And it's no longer your father's dance routine. There are new dance steps, patterns that keep changing, and unique calls to learn. No more rough dancing in the barn.

We've got the beat...

Yes, there are some traditional hoedowns, and some "Golden Oldies", but we also use music from Elvis to the Beach Boys, from the classics to music as current as today.

It's for all ages....

Square dancing is a family affair. It is fun for any age, young and "not so young." Families can enjoy having a fun hobby that they can do together.

Bring the whole family.


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